Industrial ASICs

Industrial automation can require some of the most complex networking and electronic system solutions in the world today. The need for chips with integrated sensors, high sensitivities, low current consumption, high voltages, high speed data processing, with fully automated control in real-time and online are one of the major challenges. Different products require different solutions and to meet this challenge Creative Chips can provide a highly integrated complex control chip as an SOC (System-on-Chip). Creative Chips complex ASICs for industrial applications are also designed to meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements.

Custom-ASICs for Consumer Products

Know-how and engineering skills are needed to meet the new requirements of modern consumer goods. Whether your product requires global networking, integrated sensors, long battery life, lowest current consumption, or the latest technologies in LED lighting and e-mobility, Creative Chips has the solution.
Our automated manufacturing and outstanding expertise allows Creative Chips to offer products at pricing competitive to suppliers from the far east. With Creative Chips, protection of your brand is never a concern.

Automotive ASIC Design according IATF 16949

Creative Chips has been developing and supplying ASICs for the automotive industry for almost 15 years. Design and production are IATF 16949 certified and can be adapted to the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety on customer request. Our customer’s success is guaranteed by providing the highest quality and reliability standards combined with a consistent zero-defect strategy.

Medical ASICs

Customized ICs for medical applications are characterized by miniaturization, minimum current consumption and high demands on reliability. New technologies and global data networking open up a variety of possible applications. Creative Chips is designing and delivering medical products according to the DIN ISO 13485.

Application-Specific Standard ICs - ASSPs

Standard ICs - ASSPs

Standard ICs from Creative Chips are available from stock or with short lead times. Customers can also request derivatives or modifications to our standard ICs if technically and commercially feasible.

Creative Chips offers a complete family of ASSPs based on the new industrial interface standard, IO-Link.

Creative Chips can also provide an ASSP as a replacement for a discontinued or obsolete component. We look forward to reviewing your requirements to determine if an ASSP solution is possible.

Product Overview