Im Bubenstück 1
55411 Bingen - Germany
Phone: +49 67 21 - 987 22 0
Fax: +49 (0) 67 21 - 987 22 70
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Managing Directors
Dr.-Ing. Lutz Porombka,
Dipl.-Phys. Roland Obst (responsible for the contents),
Marrian Hwang

Bank Accounts
Sparkasse Rhein/Nahe BIC: MALADE51KRE
IBAN DE15 5605 0180 0010 0898 86
Commerzbank Mainz BIC: COBADEFF550
IBAN DE09 5504 0022 0200 7433 00
Gerichtsstand Bingen, HRB 23001
Umsatzsteuer-ID-Nummer DE 202 199 044

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