Complex application specific ICs optimized for price and performance can be achieved by integration of analog circuit components together with suitable I / O interfaces, digital signal and data processing. With additional integration of modern processor cores (including ARM) and various memory options (e.g. SRAM, OTP, EEPROM, Flash) an entire system on one chip (SOC) is possible. Further integration of sensors and actuators based on standardized semiconductor technologies provides our customers with a decisive competitive advantage.

Specialized Analog Circuits
Analog circuits with special properties can be realized.

The following parameters can be implemented:

  • Low power applications down to 0.6V and current consumption of less than 1 μA in standby mode.
  • High voltage circuits with voltage ratings of up to 600 V
  • Frequencies up to 3 GHz
  • Integrated sensors for light, temperature and magnetic field
  • High precision bandgap reference voltage sources
  • Broadband, low offset and low noise operational amplifiers
  • High resolution analog-to-digital converters

Examples of mixed-signal ASICs

Differential current measurement (electrical safety)

This ASIC is designed for differential current instruments used for residual and fault current monitoring in power supply systems for EV (electric vehicle) charging applications. The ASIC outputs both digital as well as analog signals, and transformers are used to provide the currents.

  • 0,35 µm HVCMOS process
  • Supply voltage monitoring (POR)
  • 10-Bit DAC
  • SPI interface
  • Supply of the transformers
  • Can be used for charging EV batteries.

Glow-Plug Controller ASIC

  • Integrated reverse battery protection
  • AEC-Q100 grade 0 qualification
  • High speed 10 Bit-ADC
  • Glow plug current measurement with total accuracy < 1%
  • typ. 12 V supply, 45 V max. ratings
  • Over / under voltage detection
  • Over temperature protection
  • LIN interface
  • Integrated gate driver with charge pump
  • QFP48 package with e-pad

DSRC Baseband ASIC for Toll Collection

  • Compliant with DSRC-standard
  • Support for 1.5MHz and 2MHz subcarrier
  • Operation in Half-Duplex-mode
  • Automatic wake-up on DSRC-preamble
  • Ultra-low-power standby-mode
  • Few external components
  • High-speed SPI-interface to external controller 
  • Power-management for external controller (on-chip- LDO)
  • On-chip clock-generation with fast startup
  • 32kHz-xtal-osc as timing-reference
  • DES algorithm in hardware
  • On chip battery backed 8kB-SRAM accessible via SPI

Wash-Wipe Controller

Multiple Chip ASIC

1,2 μm planar Power MOSFET
VDSmax > 35 V
IDmax = 50 A
RDSON < 15 mΩ

0.8 μm high voltage CMOS
2 Layer Poly / 3 Layer metal
Core Supply Voltage 5 V
External Supply 6 ... 18 V
Automotive I/O

Advanced Industrial Communication Controller

  • 3 x 250 MBit/s PHY with extended common mode range
  • Integrated openMSP430 CPU subsystem with 64 kB Flash and 64 kB RAM
  • Combined LDO/buck converter for 1.2V core voltage
  • IO ADCs (3x10bit) and IO DACs (16 x 2 MS/s, 2x100 kS/s)
  • PLL with and without spread spectrum
  • External micro controller interface
  • PWM outputs for valve activation
  • LED matrix outputs
  • Package BGA-100, pitch 0.8 mm, 9x9 mm

Optical Sensor ASIC for Distance Measurement

  • Integrated photo diode line array with TIA pre-amps
  • High speed/accuracy laser diode driver
  • High speed 8 Bit-ADC
  • Digital signal processing for distance measurement
  • Optical clear package ( “Shellcase” standard)
  • New product with TSV based package technology

Charged Battery Controller for NiMH Batteries

  • MOSFET driver with fully integrated charge pump for external N-channel MOSFET
  • Supply voltage monitoring (POFF-RESET & START-UP voltage)
  • Integrated reference voltage source
  • Integrated oscillator & timer
  • 32 Bit OTP module for trim & operation mode setup
  • Charge control logic

Broadband Data Communication for WPC and PMA Power Transfer Links (Product Design Study)

Power transmission according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC1) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards, dual mode operation supported. Broadband data communication link according to a software defined radio, direct sampling approach including:

  • Data / energy decoupling mechanism
  • Interference cancellation
  • Automatic gain adjustment
  • Carrier / timing synchronization
  • Channel equalization

Water in Diesel Sensor (Automotive)

  • AC resistor measurement
  • Over- and undervoltage detection
  • Push-Pull output driver
  • Short circuit protection of the external load
  • Integrated oscillator & timer for output activation
  • Selectable selftest
  • External output enable
  • Reverse voltage supply protection
  • Integrated bandgap reference voltage source
  • PON RESET circuit
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 (Grade 1, -40°C to +125°C)

Position Sensor ASIC

  • Inductive position sensor ASIC
  • 36V IO-Link compliant switching unit for resistive and inductive loads
  • Integrated 16-bit microcontroller running fully featured IO-Link device stack
  • Temperature compensation of detection point
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protected
  • Measurement principle selectable (ping mode or oscillator mode)