Complete service

In addition to ASIC design, Creative Chips offers the complete production and back-end service of a typical Fabless Company.

  • IC design and development
  • Prototype production including mask production
  • Serial production with one of our partner foundries
  • Singulation, and assembly of the silicon chips into a wide variety of packages (e.g. SOP, QFN, ceramic, CSP / WLP, optical or bare die)
  • Serial delivery according to customer requirements including Kanban, JIT, or consignment stock
  • Wafer probing and IC final test as well as dispatch including Tape & Reel, trays, waffle pack or tested wafers (and if needed sawn wafers)
  • Seamless quality and environmental management according to automotive requirements
  • Certified according to TS16949 and ISO14001

ASIC Design

  • Development of integrated circuits according to schedule and specification according to the ASIC specification or load specification, which has been approved together with the customer and detailed project controlling
  • Use of the current EDA tools of professional vendors such as Mentor Graphics, Synopsys or Cadence
  • Design verification and creation of the necessary production data and documents
  • Organization of prototype production and sample packaging
  • Pattern validation and verification
  • AEC Q100 qualification on request
  • Optional IC design according to ISO 26262 (Functional Safety)
  • Design target and claim is "First-Time-Right"

FPGA to ASIC Conversion

CREATIVE CHIPS offers a fast and low risk conversion of a FPGA into a full-custom ASIC with the following advantages:

  • Low prices per unit from medium quantities (>100k/a)
  • Higher gate count and clock frequencies
  • Power reduction
  • High flexibility according to mixed-signal circuit blocks
  • NVM can be integrated
  • Higher product security and copy protection
  • Long-term availability

The FPGA to ASIC conversion can be recommended in case of:

  • Necessary cost reduction
  • Performance or specification need to be enhanced
  • Improvement of the copy protection
  • Discontinuation by the FPGA supplier

Wafer production

Creative Chips consistently embodies the concept of an independent "fabless" semiconductor manufacturer and can choose the technically and commercially optimal process by accessing different technologies and foundries. The use of such pure wafer fabs, which do not have their own ICs, has decisive advantages for us and our customers:

  • Long technology lifetimes and stable technical parameters through the ongoing process control monitoring (PCM)
  • High quality standard suppliers are at least certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001
  • Flexible production quantities
  • Regular audits at our suppliers and service providers increase the reliability of the delivery

Our partner foundries:

  • EPISIL (Taiwan) –
  • MagnaChip (Korea) –
  • SMIC (China) –
  • TSMC (Taiwan) –
  • XFab (Deutschland, Malaysia, USA) –

IC Packaging

Through our worldwide cooperation with well-known suppliers of different IC packaging technologies, we are able to offer a wide range of IC packages to the latest CSP / WLP for the packaging of the ICs:

  • QFN, DFN
  • (L)QFP
  • BGA
  • Flip chip with solder or gold bumps
  • Customer-specific CSP, WLP
  • Optically transparent housings (SSOP, QFN, COB, CSP)
  • Sawn dice in waffle packs or trays
  • Tested wafers (also sawn and taut)
  • Through Silicone Via TSV CSP / WLP
  • Multi-Chip packages

Standard delivery on tape and reel, in tubes, on trays or in the waffle pack, vacuum packed and treated according to JEDEC-MSL standard.

Wafer / IC test

Creative Chips owns an in-house test department at the company's headquarters in Bingen. The required high quality of the serial deliveries to our customers is guaranteed by:

  • Specific IC design for good testability (JTAG test bus, full scan test, IDDQ, etc.)
  • Test development and test program creation
  • Optional Tri-Temp test
  • Wafer probing and 100% electrical final test of the packaged ICs according to test specification
  • Assembling of the tested ICs according to customer requirements on tape & reel, trays, tubes, waffle packs or sawn or whole tested wafers with test map file
  • Dry packing and shipping according to JEDEC standard
  • The certification of the test department according to IATF 16949, and ISO 14001
  • Zero defect policy
Wafer / IC test production Wafer / IC test production

Supply Chain Management

As a "Fabless Semiconductor Vendor", our company offers the complete supply chain management for the ASICs of our customers, both for development and prototyping as well as for serial production. This is ensured by long-term, stable relationships with our waferfoundry partners and other suppliers and service providers on the basis of supply and quality assurance contracts.

Further services

  • Short-term sample production in suitable ceramic or plastic packages
  • Burn-In1)
  • Tape & Reel Service 1)
  • Drypacking 1)
  • Long-term storage 1)

1) in own test department in Bingen

PDF Download: ASIC Production and Test Flow